Company Succession / M&A

No two deals are alike – M&A is always a complex and exceptional transaction where our clients’ interests are our guidelines to prepare and implement an individual customized solution.

Even experienced entrepreneurs have not frequently sold their business or acquired another business entity. The purchase or sale of a company, and its financing is therefore mostly an extraordinary situation, in particular when international players are involved.

With our experience of many years in international law firms and a large number of successfully completed deals, we are the partner in these circumstances you can entrust with your business interests. We take the time to understand your needs and to accompany you individually and professionally as your trusted advisor.

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M&A – Reach your goal step by step with expertise

Following your role interests and goals in the transaction, we develop professional opportunities and a detailed roadmap for their implementation.

(Corporate re-organisation, joint ventures, management buy-outs or buy-in’s the associated financing (acquisition finance) or transactions in the public sector (public takeovers), debt-to-equity swaps, and P.I.P.E.’s) are special transactions that require special expertise.


Irrespective of your position as buyer or seller or as management, these are very exceptional business situations. We will evaluate your current situation and your goal and with our expertise from a large number of successfully executed deals, we will develop a roadmap with the necessary measures and their necessities that will fit your objectives best. In particular in case that parties originate from abroad we bring in our experience from international firms and organizations to work out the best possible solution and fit for you as our client.


Our objective is to ensure that you are best prepared to meet the challenges of such a transaction in your function whether that be in the role of the founder of the business, the shareholder, the seller of a company, strategic investor or financial investor, successor to a company, or as management of the company affected by a transaction. As a key player in a transaction, you are particularly dependent on us as your advisor. We accept this special task with great respect. In addition to the excellence and quality of the legal documents, we will also assist you in all other relevant aspects to best benefit from our expertise and experience.

Company succession is not an M&A deal like any other

Holistic succession planning must consider much more than just its legal aspects.

Company succession has many facets and interests both inside and outside of the family. We will introduce you to the options that best fit your interests.


For a smooth transition, it is usually not a “quick deal” that is the best alternative, but a step-by-step approach that takes into account the interests of all important stakeholders. We will achieve this goal with a thorough analysis of the current situation (the business entity and also the parties involved or excluded in the succession).


Due to our experience with a lot of deals and transitions successfully completed we will design the model that fits your interests best and develop a model and roadmap to proceed with this plan sustainably securing the purpose pursued with the succession.

International negotiation cultures and practices are frequently challenging for all parties involved

Customs and practices are very diverse internationally. We are aware of the differences in international habits and customary procedures as we operated and practiced abroad for several years. We will moderate these diversities to best suit your interests and safeguard your goals.

It is clear for us, that our valued clients from Europe, the U.S.A., China, India, or South America, come to Germany with different  negotiating cultures and the expectations differ from German customs and market standards. Having spent years abroad in international law firms and serving as officers in international organisations, we are well aware of these differences. You may rely on us to moderate the different expectations trust in our experience from many international transactions.


We welcome your request for a non-binding meeting or video conference, also at short notice at We are looking forward to seeing you at a meeting via video or phone (Zoom/Teams) and would be pleased to demonstrate our quality of service and professionalism to you.

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