Business Advisory

We cast your economic interests into the appropriate corporate format (in Germany and abroad). We accompany your development professionally, both at home in Germany and internationally.


You are entrepreneur or a family office or founder or investor from Germany or abroad: With our extensive experience, we are honoured to accept and engage in your important investments and projects beyond the scope of transactions as your trusted advisor.

We will take care of  your investments and shareholdings in companies or joint ventures in Germany or abroad whilst we are aware of your expectations for first-class support that also offers international expertise and your preference of the individuality of a boutique firm.

Our core areas are:



Establishment (the appropriate corporate structure) and Growth


  • Set-up a Business in Germany
  • Venture Capital/Private Equity & Growth Financing
  • Growth in medium-sized businesses and Internationalization



Professional guidance for growth and supervision


  • Optimization of company/group structure
  • Supervisory and advisory boards of subsidiaries and holdings in Germany and abroad



Set-up/concept of business targets, negotiation and successful completion  of substantial agreements


  • Joint ventures
  • Restructuring
  • Outsourcings

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Start-up, Growth & Internationalization

Start-up, Establishment, Growth, and Funding are projects that – customized to your interests – are implemented by us within fixed budgets (time and money).

In Germany or abroad, you require a suitable corporate structure for your business (Set-Up of Corporate Structures) or a “company for inclusion” of your investments (SPV). Based on your requirements, we develop a suitable concept and implement it within a given budget.


Our experience includes “Growth” and “Growth Financing”, whether as a start-up with the various financing rounds or as an established company in the mid-sized sector. We will illustrate the solution that best meet your interests and the associated requirements and costs.


In case the internationalization of your business and business distribution structures and branches abroad or the expansion and outsourcing of your production requires specific legal expertise, you may count in our international experience to best fit the opportunities and risks involved. We will outline the process and suggest an approach in these unfamiliar territories and language barriers to appropriately aligns to your individual needs.

Advisory, governance and re-organization

We will professionally supervise and manage your activities at home and abroad, including the preparation of your general and shareholders’ meetings.

Besides our legal expertise, we would be pleased to share with you our know-how of customs and market conditions as long-standing members of supervisory – and advisory boards for your investment in Germany or abroad. We advise and accompany you in your supervisory and corporate governance duties and measures, including the preparation and implementation of shareholders’ or general meetings.


We support you in your agreements with domestic or foreign contracting parties through drawing on our more than 20 years of experience from a multitude of completed projects, outsourcings, joint ventures or other investment projects, especially in international cases. We are aware of the customs and many of the market participants and can meet the challenges and high expectations on the level of the market norms of international commercial law firms.


Please feel welcomed to request a non-committal telco or video conference with us at We will make ourselves available at short notice for a meeting with Zoom or Teams and would be pleased to demonstrate our quality of service and professionalism to you.

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