Complex Litigation

We are well acquainted with your interests and ideas – coming from abroad – in proceedings in Germany.


You may have failed in your efforts of out-of-court negotiations and you are sued before an arbitral tribunal or a civil court or are considering whether such a lawsuit is necessary or beneficial for the enforcement of your interests and your further proceedings with your counterpart.

You or another party to the agreement comes from abroad or the assets under dispute are located abroad or your assets that are located in Germany are affected by foreign proceedings. As a creditor, you want to be able to act quickly and effectively – without lengthy proceedings – with direct access to the assets of your debtors located in Germany. We are fully acquainted with the practices of courts or arbitration tribunals and proceedings with foreign participations. We recognize the interests of foreign credit institutions in proceedings with their security interests in Germany. We are at your full disposal with our many years of experience from major court cases.

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See you at court: What does that mean – cost- and timewise?

Sometimes court proceedings are inevitable because you are the defendant, or you have to seek state assistance to execute your securities or other financial interests. In such case it is important a. what are the chances to succeed, b. what costs may occur and c. which is the timeline to take into consideration.

We will be honored if you entrust us with the analysis of your case and you may expect clear instructions: we assess your chances and risks and provide you with a transparent assessment of the legal situation and the prospects of success. We will clearly communicate the upcoming steps and timelines to expect at the respective court or arbitral tribunal. We will also estimate the cost budget you have to anticipate.


Even though arbitral proceedings are still exceptional in Germany we will advise on the various alternatives (ICC, DIS, and other) and we will determine according to your specific interest the most suitable types and locations of arbitration or court proceedings to fit best with your business interests.

Law made in Germany/Commercial Courts in Germany

As a non-native in the German language – we also consider the potential risks for the adequate procedures and alternatives in national courts and arbitration.

We have been actively involved and supported the initiative “Law made in Germany” supported by the German federal government for many years. With our know-how, we accompany your business interests in the appropriate proceedings at German courts and advise you on the appropriate court location.

Freezing Order, Arrest, and Execution – Secure your investments!

Special situations require specific advice and specialized assistance. If the assets concerned are located in Germany and subject to foreign proceedings, e.g. by means of an arrest or freezing order under English law we will defend your interests and rights and secure your assets, as needed with the help of our satellite partners.



We are well prepared to take your request by email or call and please feel free to arrange a free appointment with us at to see if and how we may best assist your professional needs and explain our approach and our solutions to implement the business objective pursued by your proceedings.

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